the feature film project

We are The Initiative Production Company, an independent film company which focuses on training budding filmmakers and pairing them with industry professionals.

Besides producing award winning short films and feature films, our focus is primarily on training. We run film and acting training courses and are constantly accepting new interns throughout the year to come on board and be a part of what we’re doing, while encouraging them in their own craft and creative initiatives.

Our team is comprised of people from all over the world because we value input from every voice, not just from one culture or one gender, but from all peoples and all nations. 

Our team is full of diversity, complexity and everything they bring to the table is an expression of their passion for this competitive field.

We value people and their journeys and want to bring the best out of them. This shows through in our training, as well as in the stories we choose to tell, because let’s face it, life is hard.

However, life is also beautiful.

It’s that tension we as a company promote and present in our art. We don’t want to shy away from what’s hard, while also not falling into cynicism and ignoring the beauty that is all around us.

There is beauty in the everyday and the mundane, as well as in the fantastical and wonderful. We hope to capture this beauty in The Out of the Woods Project and any future projects we put our name on.

We want to create art that builds a brighter tomorrow for both the film industry and our audience.



Photographer: Alyssa Schrock

Model: Kyle Tamo